Wednesday, November 2, 2016

One Word ~ Without

 Photos from years gone was all she brought with her...

Without a choice she went where he sent her

during her time there keeping her dignity and self

A continuation from my series based on people placed in insane asylums during the early 1900's.

Telling Stories

The "tech talk" ....back in the basement for some "set building" last week.  A continuation of stories depicting the 1920's.  Walls made by hanging wrapping paper from a backdrop stand; closed off with a couple of V flats.  Window and drapery balanced with props to create a quiet room on the first floor.  Vintage finds including an antique black dress, boots, fox stole and hat completed the mood.

Lighting for this was done with small continuous lights.  Two lights set outside of the window gelled warm to hot.  Second light hung above the suitcase to highlight the photographs.  Third light standing on camera right with a snoot to add a touch of fill.  Final fourth light was placed into the light fixture on the bedside table.

Create with what you've learned

"Motivating the Practical"
                                             Tell the Story
                                             Make for Telling Stories



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