Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Delight of a Child

As in every year we just celebrated our Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday and now are heading into the Christmas season full force.  For me Christmas has become a season of the "little things" in life.  Special moments from time shared with those special to us rather than the hustle and bustle of shopping for a deal. 
This evening was the annual Holiday Parade in downtown Laconia.  I love photographing this parade.  People came and lined the streets waiting for the festivities to begin.

The delight of a child always catches my eye.  I just loved the festive outfit from this little one.  A fitting day for a tutu! 

And this sweet young lad with his mom.  This will be his first Christmas and he was
getting into the swing of things....

I think he sees the parade approaching!

May we all keep that "delight" in our hearts that all children have.  Celebrate the season with joy and wonder for all those little things ~ let them mean the world to you!



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