Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snowshoeing Through the Aspens

The Rocky Mountains are always a treat to visit.  Crisp days, clean mountain air and winter activities at 9000 feet awaited Cathy and I as we explored outside of Aspen. 

Cathy found this little gem located about 20 minutes outside of Aspen up Castle Creek Road.
A glorious day with bright blue skies and chilly temps - made for a perfect snowshoe trek adventure.

Holly outfitted us with our snowshoes and we were on our way....

Thelma and Louise - Aspen 2017

First stop along the Logan snowshoe trail was a visit to the Ghost Town of Ashcroft.  The first visitors dating back to the 1880's.  With a population of perhaps 2,000 the town offered two newspapers, a school, sawmills, a smelter .....and about 20 saloons! 

As I peered into the Blue Mirror Saloon I saw Cathy's reflection in the window as she explored through this preserved gem.

Many a guest stayed here during her heyday but now only critters climb the steps into the Hotel View once a prominent business in this ghost town.

After visiting each of the buildings we set off on the trail which took us meandering through the woods.  Creeks and critter tracks along with the peaceful quiet of the day were our guides for the afternoon.

Once the trail opened up we were adorned with a glorious view of the valley with Leahy Peak 12,762 ft. and Yellow Boy 13,023 ft. in the distance.  A group of back country skiers returning from their wilderness trek gives you sense of scale as we came out from the Aspen grove.  We were told you can ski/skin your way to Crested Butte ~ as the crow flies easily done in a day trip.

Once back to the cabin we were again greeted with the warmth of Aspenite hospitality.  I can imagine that guitar sang many a song in these woods with a bit of foot stomping, knee slapping and dancing over the years...

Next up Day 2 - Revving up the Maroon Bells!



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