Thursday, February 2, 2017

An Evening Close to Home

An evening free to explore on our own.  Following our snowmobile tour we were excited to head out for the night.  But.... isn't there always a but!  ...after being in the traffic through Aspen from the X Games and feeling a little tired from the day we decided to spend our evening closer to our home base of Snowmass.

Early evening in the mountains calls for some "apres".  So off we went to listen to Steve Lizard and The Soul Band "next door".  This was a local hangout ~  laid back with music, dancing, laughs and libations!  When the band finished up at 7pm we decided it was time to find a spot for dinner.

I had noticed Il Poggio the night before when we were walking through the Village.  So off we went to see if we could get a table....

It was Saturday night and as soon as we walked in we saw that the place was packed.  The food smelled delicious with pizzas being made in the far corner.  We made our way to the Maitre D' and asked if they might have a table for two.  He gave us a warm smile and mentioned their F & F table.... I'll have it ready in five minutes.

We sat and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with great conversation and laughs! We started out on an impromptu evening with no real plans and everything fell into place perfectly.

Cathy this is for you ~ I looked up what "Poggio" meant.  Knoll.  Those steps!! ;)

We were even back "home" early to get a restful sleep for our final day ~  Ski Day!

Snowmass is a grand mountain with several peaks and wonderful vistas of the surrounding mountains.  Cathy and I explored the trails and I am so proud of her for pushing herself outside her comfort zone!  These groomers are in the vicinity of +9000' and with us coming from just above sea level we were feeling the effects out there on the snow.

Overall a fabulous day with yet another evening close to home.  Like many other guests staying at our hotel the fireplace was calling our names.  A few games of backgammon, hot toddy's and a light dinner finished us off with smiles of contentment.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love to travel.  It is as much about the prospect of seeing and experiencing new things together as it is about interacting with the people you meet.   The folks of Aspen and Snowmass were so gracious and warm they made us feel right at home!



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