Sunday, February 12, 2017


One Word - Detail

When you look around our home you see a well lived space.  We've been here just shy of 30 years.  Our two boys have grown up here.  We've celebrated, cried and lived within these walls.   If you look closely you'll see dust, some clutter which is mostly mine, photos and momentos from time spent enjoying the great outdoors outside of these walls.

So when I saw the word "detail" I wanted to capture some detail of our lives that takes on an artsy feel within a photograph.  I chose a plate that I had purchased around our 20th anniversary trip to Italy along with a few sprigs of lavender I have saved.  Although they are so dried they would crumble if you handled them - I keep them there.  Alongside the plate is a photograph from travels made more recently.  A trip to the west coast of California.

With the aid of my camera I combined all these things to produce a photograph that takes on what I hope to be seen as a fine art still life by including only some of the detail.

Details are important - but I do feel it is more important to show what's inside your heart and share that with others.

It can be your gift to one another.



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