Monday, February 20, 2017

Ode to the Neck

One Word Project ~ Flaw

Came up with the idea to add some humor to my photograph for this one.   We all have flaws but maybe if you look at them with a little bit of humor they will lessen in your mind and you'll be able to look past them to all that good stuff that is "you".

Almost everyone I photograph for portraits has something to say about their neck and typically it is not with a show of love.  For the word "flaw" I figured I would embrace the neck and give it its due with humor.

An Ode to the Neck

There are times when we can all be a royal
“pain in the neck”
But there won’t be a time when I wouldn’t 
“stick my neck out for you”
Life isn’t a race so don’t feel like you have to be
“neck and neck”
Everyone will have days when we feel
“up to our necks”
So take one day as it comes and if you must
“save your own neck”
Hopefully in the end you will want to revisit
“my neck of the woods”



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