Friday, March 3, 2017

Projects in the Mix

I am the type that always has a project in the mix.  Ideas that swim around in my head that haven't quite made their way to the creation stage.   I was reminded by a friend of a particular project that had been put on the back burner last spring due to life "getting derailed" a bit.  Many a time I must put something on the back burner - it doesn't mean it's gone forever - just gets derailed for a stretch.

I've been pulling items out and rethinking my plan.  It will probably be completely different than the original thought that went by the wayside.  Creativity is good that way.

I recently completed a book as part of a project that I initiated.  It was such a treat to watch each person open up and read the words that accompanied the photographs.   One asked "how long did it take you to put this together?"  My response was "not very long at all, one evening actually."  When the feeling is right things flow and the task is easy and pleasurable.  When that feeling is vacant well then you best wait for another shot.  It would be the equivalent of trying to push something that is seriously stuck!  Though we think we're strong - we're not that strong!

So in honor of new projects as I waddled through my work load of editing and office chores today I decided instead of taking a lunch break I'd take a "paint break".

Voila - portable backdrop ready to hit the road.



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