Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Word ~ Bond

The bond between
Man and Woman - Mother and Child
For this I used a prop thinking it had the look of a woman's anatomy in a conceptually broad sense.  Also, I had purchased this 1930's gown and the fire hose on one of my outings with Cathy.  So we also have the bond of friendship instilled into this image.  Touching on many special bonds.

Tech specs on lighting:
One flash directly behind me facing my back.  I had two full length white foam boards on my left and right to reflect and wrap the light around me and light my front.  I also tried a small light with grid just on the fire hose - but wasn't happy with the unwanted shadows it cast~ so that was X'd.  It's certainly not "beauty" light but it conveyed the mood I was going for on this one.  Not sure I loved the blown highlights by my elbows and hair but I accepted them in the process.  



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