Monday, May 8, 2017


Last month I had the opportunity to schedule a head shot session with Mr. Tate Aldrich.  I've known Tate's parents for years and it was great to see him come back to his home town and take an English teaching job at Laconia High School.  His energy and concern for the well being of his students is paramount as is his openness and availability to those around him.

In 2016 Tate received the honor of New Hampshire's Teacher of the Year.  He has had a whirlwind year of activity and opportunity as a result of this award.

His latest venture brought him to Washington DC with the other 49 states for "Teacher of the Year".  As I dropped off his photos to him this morning he was describing this adventure as a "trip of a lifetime".  He was humbled by the amount of talent and dedication within his group of educators.  He is genuinely a "Super" young man with a wonderful career ahead of him.  I am sure I speak for all of Laconia when I say we are so fortunate to have him teaching in our home town school.

Continued success to you Tate!



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