Wednesday, May 10, 2017

One Word ~ Play

I was giving myself some time to come up with an idea using play in a fun, carefree way.  When I turned my attention to the task my thoughts kept reverting to a deck of cards.  

52 individual cards to a deck     
13 different cards                
4 different suits                 

So now that I had that piece nailed down was I going to make a deck of cards into play?

Found a dress that made me think of the Queen of Hearts.  Okay, so there's piece number 2.
Quite a few ideas flowed in and out over the next few days.
As with most of our words - after the first week goes by I feel like I've got to come up with "the plan" knowing my window of opportunity for time is short.  I needed to come up with the rest of "the plan" on the fly.  

So I got out that dress, and a new prop to sit on.  Went with a backdrop apparatus that I hadn't tried out yet and set out to make "PLAY".    Put a bit of curl to my hair, some lipstick and had my deck of cards ready.  

The rest just fell together......

Play the hand you're dealt
Play it to the best of your ability  
The rest is irrelevant

The more I delve into these conceptual styled shoots the more I enjoy them.  They release my imagination to a place where
....anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Techie talk:  collapsable 5x7 backdrop with black fabric on the floor.  One beauty dish with grid and sock on camera right as main light.  Second light small gridded strip box on camera left to fill and lastly small light on floor to highlight shoes and cards.



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