Monday, July 24, 2017


In life you are presented with what's in front of you.  Individually you will react to that in your own unique way; subconsciously.

As we were leaving Port Clyde after spending our day on Monhegan Island there were dozens of seagulls in front of us scattered on the road.  We commented on it and had a little chuckle.  In a moments time they took flight.  It was a startling sight to see.  Instinctually I reached for my camera set down by my feet and starting shooting.  A gut reaction to what I was experiencing.  Diane, the driver, slowed down so we wouldn't hit some of the gulls.  We each had a different reaction to what was presented in front of us.  Diane was keeping us safe - I was making a photograph.

Throughout our lives we "react" to what is presented in front of us.  Typically it is a gut reaction.  I have always trusted my gut.  Consequences have arisen due to my reactions.  At the end of the day though I would go with my gut again and again.

Leaving Port Clyde  

I wanted to crop this photo.  After a week with Sam Abell I did not.
Maine Media Workshop    Sam Abell    Moving Forward in Photography



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