Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Walkabout and Listen

When I travel I tend to gravitate off the beaten path and experience a new place in a quieter way.  Not compelled to go where it's busy but rather venture off the main street and take a back road here and there.

When I arrived on the island of North Haven I walked around the port for a short while and then wandered off down the road to see what I could find.

Overlooking the harbor of this small island people were coming and going.  I smile when I look at this photo for there is a micro composition of a person walking out a doorway.  I was timing the two boats approaching the docks with the person walking in their direction from the dock.
As I looped around I came upon a quiet street and heard music coming from one of the homes.
I stopped and backed up to hear better.  Then I just stood and listened to what I thought may have been a violin being played.

I stood for quite a while and watched a gentleman walking up the street.  He saw me standing there with my camera over my shoulder and asked if I was waiting to take a photo of him?  I responded "no, I'm listening to the music coming from this house".  His response "that's my house, my son is practicing the cello".  A "moment" - not photographed - but certainly one I'll remember.

Sometimes in life it's best to just listen



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