Monday, April 16, 2018

Show Who You Are In 100th of a Second

Spending time with an old friend and making a new one.  My job gave me the opportunity to do both during my "mini" headshot sessions set up through the Winnipesaukee Playhouse over this past weekend.

Head shot portraits are a great way of giving folks a glimpse into your personality.  They are often times your first introduction and greeting in a professional setting.

Jim and Ursula are performers as part of their array of professional hats and have been doing so for many years.  Their level of experience matched with their level of enjoyment in what it is they do and made for an enjoyable session.

Jim wears many hats in his professional life - all of which give him joy.  Through our conversation he brought me up to speed with all the wonderful opportunities coming his way not only through his acting but his musical career as well.

Ursula is someone I've seen on stage but had not previously had the pleasure of engaging in conversation.  We had a delightful time and her "comedic" persona had me smiling throughout our time together.  Now I've got my radar up for her next show.

Maybe you're thinking it's time to create the opportunity to put "yourself" out there.  Give me a call to set up a session.  Show the world who you are in 100th of a second ~ it certainly is a fun process!




Undesirable weather
once again knowing
Spring will come 

Watching our chickadee this morning as he was flying around the yard and then stop and flutter by our back windows as if to say "let me in...  please."

We all have found ourselves in "less than desirable" storms in our lifetime.  You see someone else struggling and all you want to do is to fix it knowing full well there are some things that must be figured out on your own.

These birds have been coming to nest here for 29 years since we built our home.  They have endured many a storm and I'm confident will endure this one as well.



Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Make Time to Update Your Look!

Once again I'll be teaming up with the good folks at Winnipesaukee Playhouse to offer a mini head shot session day.  Your head shot will bring a level of professionalism to your business and give your colleagues a glimpse into your unique personality.

Put yourself out there in the best light!

Give me a call or shoot me an email to schedule your spot for Sunday, April 15th.

I also offer individualized photo sessions if that is
more to your style and comfort level.  Inquire about rates and packages if you'd like more information.



Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Sunday and April Foolery Mixed In

Gunstock's annual B.Y.O.D.C. event held on Easter Sunday and April Fool's Day.
A great day to end the season and think ahead to Spring!

Andrew was at the ready to pull folks out of the "pond" just in case they didn't make it across...

 Bystanders in their festive attire lined up alongside the venue to cheer on participants as they braved the cold water crossing.

 A few managed to make it across.....
 while others had an abrupt stop once they hit the water.
 Either way "super" smiles were there for all who came out.
 I'd say this fellow was planning on a day "in the water...."
 Marty was there with a helping hand and a smile to assist young and old
 It was a great way to end the season.  It was a season of ups and downs but I would say most of the crew that I came into contact with had the same energy...
you "go with the flow"

....til next year!



Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Voyeur and the Muse

Give Life to a Still Life
Monhegan Island
July, 2017



Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Great Team

I've had the pleasure of working with Sherri Collis
on several occasions over the past few years.  We
always manage to have great conversations as well
as a few laughs in the mix during our gatherings.

When Sherri contacted me to photograph her team at Creations by Collis I was more than happy to oblige.      Sherri's effervescent personality shines through in every aspect of her business and personal life.  Her "crew" of ladies possess that same sparkle.  It was a pleasure to meet  each of them and spend an evening together.  I actually think they enjoyed the experience as much as I did!  

I'm getting used to the fact that very few folks actually "like" having their photographs taken.  I'm starting to see it not as "taking something from them..." but rather "giving them..." a glimpse of how other people see them.  
Strong, beautiful women .                               
Yes, most definitely they make a great team!



Pro Wrestling ~ With Heart

Folks packed the Whiskey Barrel in downtown Laconia on Saturday night for a Pro Wrestling event to benefit PJ Kearney.  PJ is battling a rare form of cancer and has the support of his community as well as his wrestling family.

As the crowd filled the seats they brought enthusiasm towards the center ring.  It was an energy packed two hour event that brought folks to their feet and wrestlers to the mat!

Well done!