Friday, December 8, 2017

Beautiful Hearts at Patrick's Pub and Eatery

So Many Beautiful Hearts

dancing for their team
 cheering from their barstools
 leading the charge
 wearing the "ugliest" sweater with pride
 sharing music 
sharing of yourself

Pub Mania is a one of a kind event that brings so many
beautiful hearts together 
not only for the 24 hours but the whole year through



Sunday, November 19, 2017

What Do You Bring to the Table

A glimpse into our whirlwind 24 hour trip to Portland Maine.  Checking in to the Portland Regency we were welcomed warmly to a charming hotel situated in the Old Port perfect for walking the cobblestone streets and exploring this city by the sea.

While waiting for the rest of our crew to arrive we happened upon the Blyth and Burrows cocktail bar during our stroll.  It had just the vibe we were looking for - we sat by the window and enjoyed a couple of their specialty cocktails watching the evening come to life.   The Penny Cap was a hit in my book.  Smoky, mysterious and quite a lovely presentation!  Of course.... in true T&L fashion our waitress comes over to us and asks "do you know about our secret speakeasy room....?"  Needless to say we brought the rest of the clan back and stayed for dinner and libations as we waited for concert time with Elton John.

The following morning Cathy and I found ourselves walking about the city streets with our cameras.  Meandering through some shops and taking photos.  We would meet up with the other girls here and there through our jaunt feeling the city wake after a "night on the town".  Our pace slow and our chatter vibrant.  It's more about being together than it is about the photos.... but the photos sure are fun!

"allow a fragment of your life to wander free...." 

Saw this woman sitting down at a french restaurant... her pose and the way the light was coming into play was lovely in my mind.  I love the sheer elegance of the scene.  In a fraction of a second she offered this glance.  The non-photographer girls were asking "what are you taking a photo of...?"  Cathy and I more just smiled "this...."

As the afternoon closed in it was time to work our way down the road towards home.  A friend had told me about the beer and cheese soup at the Run of the Mill Public House in Saco from her visits there in the summer.  It has been on my radar as a place to explore and it surely didn't disappoint.

 A bit of beer and cheese soup followed by a bit of "muscle"
 That broth was almost "soup" worthy!

This quick trip with dear friends, friends of friends and friends we hadn't met yet reminds me just how wonderful life is.  We meet people each and every day.  Some stay the path others go their own way.

 Life is truly an adventure each and every day.  A chance to experience something new that will broaden your mind and open your heart.

It's not that we are never going to have a bad day going forward.  But maybe it's more about keeping that spark of hope, curiosity and trust that all will be well if we channel our thoughts positively and with kindness towards others but more importantly towards ourselves.

tk T



Sir Elton John ~ on stage ~ singing "Tiny Dancer"

Our anticipation has been growing for months as we began the trip to Portland Maine to see Elton John in concert at Cross Arena Friday night.  We all converged on the Old Port mid afternoon and our mood was that of giddiness to see one of our all-time favorite musical artists.  I have been an Elton John fan since the early 70's.  I can remember sitting in my room listening and singing along to his songs.  My love of music expands a broad range and I don't see myself as having too many "favorites".

Elton John is a favorite!

This is the second concert that we've had the opportunity to see with Elton John on stage and the excitement was comparable to that of a young child on Christmas morning.  Sir Elton has a gift and talent that he has been sharing with all of us for decades.
He is truly a "diamond"

Elton John singing Tiny Dancer...

embrace the dance within you!



Saturday, November 18, 2017

"That" One

There's always One.
The one that doesn't follow what everyone else is doing.
The one that finds
their own way.

A friend shared a conversation she had with her mentor.   He said...

"just go shoot, shoot and shoot.  Don’t come up with a pre-conceived notion of what you want to do or try to find something clever to work on.  He said to just let it go and get messy" 



Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Light It Up - Use what You Know

Headshot session for John in an environmental setting.  The entire area was in open shade so it would have made for nice flat even lighting.  Nice - but I'm striving for something more than just "nice"

John commanded the dramatic look.

John's strong attitude and vibe set the tone
for his session and we went with it
creating different lighting scenarios
that matched his vibe.

Simple placement of my light
whether it be the ambient or strobe
allows me as the photographer to
dictate the tone creating diversity
within John's portfolio.

By choosing a location that creates
interest and multiple possibilities
I'm able to utilize its features to
bring separation of my subject
from the background.  In this case
using the white wall for an
extra added bounce of light.

Seeing in my mind's eye what
I want to produce within each image
and working the scene to create it.

Making my clients comfortable is
paramount.  Trust is formed within
minutes after our general introductions.
It allows my clients to be themselves.
A necessary component to create portraits
that embrace their personality.

Work - Collaborate - Create - Share



Monday, November 13, 2017

First Snow

First Snow

Each year when the
 first snow hits the ground
I get the same feeling
of pure joy like that of a child

Today was no different

 I stepped outside for a while
with my sandals on no less!
Less than two weeks ago it was almost 70 degrees out
and I'm a slow one to change.

So through my child-like eye I see the world out my back door as an
adventure just waiting for me to join in.



Saturday, November 11, 2017