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Traditions ~ Annual Ice Harvest with RDC

Each year come January the folks at Rockywold-Deephaven Camp measure the ice along the shore of Squam.  Once it's reached over the 12" mark they set the date and assemble their crew. 
This tradition is long standing as is most of its volunteers for the three day harvesting event.

Two ice houses get filled with ice blocks cut from the lake to be used
throughout the summer by their campers.

They've got the method down from generations past with only slight 
tweaks here and there to improve operations.
Here John guides the blocks up the ramp with a simple pulley system

operations are smooth with Bruce and Eric on deck

with a push and a slide onto the awaiting trucks

 Martin and Neil have their trips timed in sync as they 
unload each cargo of ice
The trio of Keegan, Ryan and Neil slide the blocks into the ice house 
where they are placed and stacked with an easy going  
precision by Dillon, Ben and Alex.   
 I've been photographing this event for the past four years and they make me feel like one of the crew.    
It's yet another one of the reasons I love calling the Lakes Region my home.

I recall one conversation a couple of years back   
"we asked the summer guests if they'd like to change over to modern refrigerators... " 
They opted "no" "...keep the traditional ice chests."

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say "I'm so glad they feel this way."



Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trying Patience

Photographing sports is a big part of my workload as well as a favorite one.  I relish the challenge and athleticism that each sport brings.  On this evening my eye went towards the background layer as I photographed the action taking place on the basketball court.  I found myself reflecting back on my workshop with Sam Abell this past summer..... "establish how you want those more static, background layers to appear, if you've chosen your spot well, the dynamic element you need to complete the image will eventually enter the frame"

Percentages tend to be low but that doesn't mean you don't stay with it.

Patience ....keep trying


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Last Light

Cold Night



Friday, December 8, 2017

Beautiful Hearts at Patrick's Pub and Eatery

So Many Beautiful Hearts

dancing for their team
 cheering from their barstools
 leading the charge
 wearing the "ugliest" sweater with pride
 sharing music 
sharing of yourself

Pub Mania is a one of a kind event that brings so many
beautiful hearts together 
not only for the 24 hours but the whole year through



Sunday, November 19, 2017

What Do You Bring to the Table

A glimpse into our whirlwind 24 hour trip to Portland Maine.  Checking in to the Portland Regency we were welcomed warmly to a charming hotel situated in the Old Port perfect for walking the cobblestone streets and exploring this city by the sea.

While waiting for the rest of our crew to arrive we happened upon the Blyth and Burrows cocktail bar during our stroll.  It had just the vibe we were looking for - we sat by the window and enjoyed a couple of their specialty cocktails watching the evening come to life.   The Penny Cap was a hit in my book.  Smoky, mysterious and quite a lovely presentation!  Of course.... in true T&L fashion our waitress comes over to us and asks "do you know about our secret speakeasy room....?"  Needless to say we brought the rest of the clan back and stayed for dinner and libations as we waited for concert time with Elton John.

The following morning Cathy and I found ourselves walking about the city streets with our cameras.  Meandering through some shops and taking photos.  We would meet up with the other girls here and there through our jaunt feeling the city wake after a "night on the town".  Our pace slow and our chatter vibrant.  It's more about being together than it is about the photos.... but the photos sure are fun!

"allow a fragment of your life to wander free...." 

Saw this woman sitting down at a french restaurant... her pose and the way the light was coming into play was lovely in my mind.  I love the sheer elegance of the scene.  In a fraction of a second she offered this glance.  The non-photographer girls were asking "what are you taking a photo of...?"  Cathy and I more just smiled "this...."

As the afternoon closed in it was time to work our way down the road towards home.  A friend had told me about the beer and cheese soup at the Run of the Mill Public House in Saco from her visits there in the summer.  It has been on my radar as a place to explore and it surely didn't disappoint.

 A bit of beer and cheese soup followed by a bit of "muscle"
 That broth was almost "soup" worthy!

This quick trip with dear friends, friends of friends and friends we hadn't met yet reminds me just how wonderful life is.  We meet people each and every day.  Some stay the path others go their own way.

 Life is truly an adventure each and every day.  A chance to experience something new that will broaden your mind and open your heart.

It's not that we are never going to have a bad day going forward.  But maybe it's more about keeping that spark of hope, curiosity and trust that all will be well if we channel our thoughts positively and with kindness towards others but more importantly towards ourselves.

tk T