Friday, March 16, 2018

History Lessons Bored Through the Mountain

The entrance to the Peruvian Tunnel at Snowbird is a 600' tunnel that provides access from the Peruvian Lift to Mineral Basin.  But as we learned through our visit it provides so much more....

Skiers enter the tunnel after unloading from the Peruvian Lift.  A conveyor belt takes them through in quick fashion over to Mineral Basin to enjoy skiing within the large bowl.  Artifacts from Utah's past mining history line the tunnel as well as photographs depicting life back in the late 1800's through to present day skiing.

On our visit we were to meet our friends Chip and Maggie as well as Dick.  Chip met Dick by chance while hiking through the mountains around Alta and Snowbird.  Dick starting working in the mines when he was a young lad the age of 15.  His recollection of his time working in the mines was sharp.  We heard telling stories that accompany the artifacts and photographs bringing them to life.
 Chip hikes around the mountains searching for "rust" as he calls it.  His excitement for this project is infectious and drew us all in.
 To hear Chip and Dick recollect times on these mountains was a treat.  We knew of the mining throughout this region on our first visit to Utah back in the early 80's.  But this was extra special and in depth bringing an awareness to the rich history within these mountains.
 Each item we passed Chip would offer a story of how, where and when he found it, as well as how many "guys" he had to muster to get each piece off the mountain!

Generations of miners' history will be brought to life for skiers and hikers as they make their way through the tunnel bringing awareness of the life these mountains hold.  
It was a delight to be able to tour through with Dick along with Maggie and Chip....

a special day indeed.



Thursday, March 15, 2018

One Powerful Day

Touched down in Newark
leaving us without a means
of transportation home.

After a good nights sleep off we
ventured to the Newark Transit
System to navigate our way to
lower Manhattan.

Our day would be visiting the
September 11th Memorial Museum.

This museum is a special place.
So many people lost their lives on
that day in 2001 with loved ones left behind  ...forever changed.

The exhibits throughout the
"footprint" of the North and South
Towers told of the strength of those
two buildings.

As we walked
through each area
there was a 
calm and respectful atmosphere among the visitors.  A quiet settling in.


We found it took some time to fathom the collapse of these pieces of steel and metal.  

An exhibit from a foreign photographer who heard and witnessed the event as it was happening, jumping in to help and document the strength and determination of all those who immediately came to offer assistance.

No photos were allowed in the rooms contained within the North and South Tower foundations.
It was a place to feel.  The quiet was powerful.  Tears.

Jim and I got separated through those inner rooms.  Each of us reading, experiencing, feeling our way on our own.  As I was getting closer to the end I found myself looking for him not sure if he was ahead or behind me.  As I exited Jim was sitting waiting for me - not long - we were minutes apart from each other.  As we walked out of the museum we shared our thoughts and walked around the memorial pools outdoors.

Powerful day.



Thursday, March 1, 2018

Be Open

The first day of March.  A month where we start to think about spring.  Today you could hardly not think about it.  The temperatures soared into the 60's with bright blue sky and the sun shining down on us.  Got a call to take an assignment up at Gunstock.  These warm temps won't do much for keeping the season going through the month.  But who can complain when your work day takes you to the slopes for a few runs!

 The lift ride up gave us a chance to close our eyes and just feel....
 This scene reminded me of a quote from photographer Jay Maisel "go out open...."
and it also made me chuckle.  Because I can also hear him saying "don't put words into your photograph unless you want people to read them".
 I ran into more friends today than I had most of the season.  There weren't a lot of us up on the mountain today and you could feel the end of the season is near.  Certainly didn't deter any of us from the task at hand which was seize the day!

Found this crew over at the tubing hill and they were doing just that.  Taking advantage of this perfect 10 day and spending it together.



Friday, February 23, 2018

Bringing My Ideas to Life

One of the most enjoyable parts of photography is the freedom it gives me to create what is mine.
Ideas form in my head  
I start to build from that idea or concept  
Props are gathered and put together

An array of models that ask "when is our next shoot?"  Their enthusiasm fuels my creativity and my creativity fuels their excitement.   Honestly, I never have the full idea for a particular shoot.  I think that's the "best part".  There is a pressure of sorts that I place on myself to create something so that my subjects will have not only the printed image but more importantly the experience we've made together.

These two Mermaid sessions were so fun to pull together.  Both ladies embraced the idea without even seeing my concepts beforehand.  They allowed me to place them in situations and trusted my judgement and creativity.

Above all we all had a whole lot of laughter and fun in the mix!



Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Dance of a Tiger

Slalom - it's quick - rapid fire -
in a blink of an eye things change
or in this case merely a fraction of a second...

Nyquist Memorial Slalom with the Gunstock Ski Club.
Great night of racing at the "Rock"



Friday, February 16, 2018

Free Throw



Thursday, February 15, 2018

How'd you spend your day?

I found myself smiling as a thought popped into my head
" will you spend your day?"
It was just a brief snippet that came while 
I was driving to my assignment this morning.

I was off to work.  Today was a feature shoot with local 5th graders given the opportunity to experience some of the winter sports that are presented throughout the Olympic games. 

No, they weren't walking into an Olympic stadium but the 
excitement was there as they entered Bolduc Park.  
They had the gear they needed and were ready to take on the task of learning something new.

Their smiles were evident and the energy was high.

I was chatting with this young lad while he was getting geared up with his snowshoes.
It was going to be his first time trying.  He made a comment just before he took off on the trails.

"All it takes is determination!"

This parting shot sums it up and makes me happy. 
 Not your typical day in a standard classroom for these students.  
But from what I witnessed the level of 
learning maintained a high standard.