Friday, October 2, 2020

Taking Shape

Once again I was able to wander through the Colonial Theater documenting the work in stages as it's being completed.

Her beauty commands the stage and welcomes back those former glory days.   It has been an amazing process to watch this transformation.  Chatting with the workers, hearing stories of their visits here when they were young...   such a vital part of our community.

To think back when the intricate hand-painting work was being done from the top of the ceiling 
and then on down the walls.

Walking through the hallways it's already difficult to think back and see the battered and bruised sheetrock that was left in her decline.

Now proudly she shows her new coats of paint with details that bring interest and sparkle as you enter.

 Still with much work to be done - you can start to see the "end of the tunnel"

...and I can confidently say that I will be one of many who will enjoy sitting in a seat on opening night!

Yes, she's taking shape - and wearing it with pride!



Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Life As it Should Be

Fall  ~ 

Days like this usually involve getting outside

        enjoying the great outdoors with the boys.

During a recent hike up Stinson Mountain Chris set the pace keeping Jim and I at a good clip both up and down the mountain.   He's not one who likes to be photographed so I had to take it on the sly.
Tom and Emma were heading out for an apple picking adventure and invited me to join in the fun. It was a spectacular fall day.  Warm sun, crisp apples with so many varieties to choose from...

               climbing trees,  taste testing to make sure the right ones made it into the bucket
Which one?  That one?  
                                            In the bucket it goes!

Good times, hanging together, exploring and laughing ~ Life as it should be



Thursday, September 24, 2020

About Town


At day break

a peaceful morning spot to sit a spell

on to a lazy afternoon     ....with a view!      

about town



Wednesday, September 23, 2020

At the Top of the Hill

As I was driving home from my workout class with morning.

I passed by a marquee that read the following quote

"Fear is a reaction ~ Courage is a decision"

Then I came upon this sunrise at the top of Liberty Hill.

Good Decision



Sunday, September 20, 2020

"As you sow, so you reap"

 Mid September and the frost is hitting our garden.  We've had a lot of success in our garden over the past couple of years.  Hopefully we're actually starting to learn a few things ...and maybe there's still a little bit of luck thrown in there.  Makes no mind to me - I love the end products and making things grow feels good!

English proverb   "as you sow, so you reap"

This year poblano peppers made it into the mix in our garden.  Have tried a variety of peppers with different temperatures from "hot" to "mild" over the past few years.  We've certainly enjoyed the variety and this year was no different.  We didn't grow a banner crop with these babies but I'll say this much what we "sowed" was good!

Reached out to my girlfriend Deb and got her recipe for stuffed Poblano Peppers.  Her recipe is delicious but I didn't have all the ingredients per the recipe so I ventured down my frequent path of "improvisational" cooking.  Use what I have! 
Instead of a meat filling I went with a rice and veggie mixture using items from our garden.
The base filling called for cream cheese - none in my frig today so I opted for plain yogurt with the parmesan cheese.  

They looked pretty good heading into the oven - and even better on our plates with a smidge of melted cheese on top.

Going back to that English proverb  "as you sow, so you reap..."   a statement to "make good things out of what you sow".  Because at the end of the day if what you "reap" doesn't taste good it won't really matter what it was that you had to sow!

Deb's Stuffed Poblanos                                      Karen's Improvised Stuffed Poblanos

Cut six peppers in half -de seed/de stem                    Cut six peppers in half - de seed /de stem

Broil on low to soften                                                  Broil on low to soften

Saute chicken                                                               Saute 1 onion and 1 zucchini 

add 1 cup Salsa                                                             add 1 cup bruschetta 

add 1 jalapeƱo deseed/chopped                                     add 1 cup cooked rice 

add onions & can green chilis                                        crack an egg in center -stir

In separate bowl combine                                              In separate bowl combine

8 oz cream cheese                                                          1/2 cup plain yogurt (full fat)

1/2 cup shredded parmesan                                            1/2 cup shredded parmesan

Garlic powder                                                                 fresh chives

Spread cheese on peppers                                               Spread cheese on peppers

Top with meat mixture                                                    Top with rice and veg

Bake 350 for 20 minutes                                                  Bake 350 for 20 minutes

Top with shredded cheese and melt                                  Top with shredded cheese and melt

    Voila!                                                                       Voila! 



Monday, August 24, 2020

Different and The Same

Motorcycle Week is quite a bit different this year.  Different timing, different climate due to the Coronavirus.  Walking down Lakeside Avenue you didn't see the typical "sea of bikes".  But, rather a combination of cars, bikes and beach-goers.  

Masks were worn by some      and      not by others.  
A steady stream of motorcycles caroused the "boulevard".  What's bike week without a little rain! 
It's always fun to include a little tongue and cheek in the work.
I must say Lakeside Ave. never looked so good.  Without all the tents lined up and down the street you could actually the see the landscape as it stands for the other 51 weeks of the year.
Still plenty of "black" and "leathers" streaming by....
Businesses seeing some business 
...and folks arriving with big smiles on their faces.     Happy to be here!~
Whether you're taking in the sights
or taking a drive through
Welcome to a week that's a little bit    Different      and      a little bit      The Same



Sunday, August 16, 2020

@ the Home Front

 Coming in...