Thursday, April 1, 2021

Blade and Marquee make their Return

The Colonial Theater gets a facelift today!  The blade and marquee arrived and make their debut back to the Theater. 

Final preparations as they ready the crane to lift the blade in place.
Inner light bulbs screwed into their proper receptacles before she is raised.
A blessing from above is how I see it - good fortune to be bestowed through the years ahead.
Lifted up
amongst watchful eyes from below 
Securing to the facade

It was wonderful to see so many folks come out to watch 
for many bringing back memories of years past

It's a process 
one that will be enjoyed by families near and far through the coming years

She looks good back among here neighbors

I also took a peek inside to see how the finish work was coming along...

Painting should be completed in the coming weeks 

She looks quite welcoming....




Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Coming to the Home Stretch

A peek inside the Colonial Theater as she gets closer to her opening debut!

Refurbishing existing fixtures bringing them "up to date" 

 ...while keeping their history component in tact.

all is coming together to make this historic theater come back ~" in style "
Seeing her transformation over time has made me appreciate all the work that has gone into this project.
Walking by on Canal Street you can look in and see things happening inside.

Lights are being connected 
....seats will be arriving 

Coming Soon!

 the Home Stretch!



Thursday, December 31, 2020

Ending this Year with a Bang!

 There are a lot of great things happening in Laconia!  Downtown will have another venue opening up soon.  

Inside the old Evangelical Church ...also formerly Holy Grail 
will be a new Chaos and Kindness Experience Venue.  
With the signature style brought by the Recycled Percussion crew of Ryan, Justin and Tony.
You can't help but feel their excitement...

it fills up the room promising more good things to come in 2021!



Friday, October 2, 2020

Taking Shape

Once again I was able to wander through the Colonial Theater documenting the work in stages as it's being completed.

Her beauty commands the stage and welcomes back those former glory days.   It has been an amazing process to watch this transformation.  Chatting with the workers, hearing stories of their visits here when they were young...   such a vital part of our community.

To think back when the intricate hand-painting work was being done from the top of the ceiling 
and then on down the walls.

Walking through the hallways it's already difficult to think back and see the battered and bruised sheetrock that was left in her decline.

Now proudly she shows her new coats of paint with details that bring interest and sparkle as you enter.

 Still with much work to be done - you can start to see the "end of the tunnel"

...and I can confidently say that I will be one of many who will enjoy sitting in a seat on opening night!

Yes, she's taking shape - and wearing it with pride!



Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Life As it Should Be

Fall  ~ 

Days like this usually involve getting outside

        enjoying the great outdoors with the boys.

During a recent hike up Stinson Mountain Chris set the pace keeping Jim and I at a good clip both up and down the mountain.   He's not one who likes to be photographed so I had to take it on the sly.
Tom and Emma were heading out for an apple picking adventure and invited me to join in the fun. It was a spectacular fall day.  Warm sun, crisp apples with so many varieties to choose from...

               climbing trees,  taste testing to make sure the right ones made it into the bucket
Which one?  That one?  
                                            In the bucket it goes!

Good times, hanging together, exploring and laughing ~ Life as it should be



Thursday, September 24, 2020

About Town


At day break

a peaceful morning spot to sit a spell

on to a lazy afternoon     ....with a view!      

about town



Wednesday, September 23, 2020

At the Top of the Hill

As I was driving home from my workout class with morning.

I passed by a marquee that read the following quote

"Fear is a reaction ~ Courage is a decision"

Then I came upon this sunrise at the top of Liberty Hill.

Good Decision