Friday, November 26, 2021

Giving Thanks ~ Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving upon us and I got out my trusty Betty Crocker Cookbook.  She's been with me from the beginning.  


... and pie 

Trusty and true recipes I've used over the past 30 plus years.

I came up with the idea to go out and play some disc golf as we went on our walk before dinner. 

The kids were game and it was fun to head out on the trails from our back door.  We've been walking, skiing, biking these trails for 30 plus years.  And today did not disappoint.  Enjoyable time together.

I also had the idea that I'd take a family portrait while we were out on our walk.  Had a little bump in the road on our original plan out in Labonte's Field but it didn't deter us - we chuckled and worked our way back towards the homestead.   Tom piped up "hey, we should do our photo here"  ...and so we did.
Forgot to bring my glasses and I ended up picking the wrong setting for our series of photos.  I went to multiple exposures instead of my sequenced timer.  The result made me laugh and I'm thinking I'll be keeping this photo in a frame.  

Little bumps - they're all around us these days.  Don't let the those bumps deter you - keep moving along. 

I did manage to get my settings back and was able to get a cute photo of my two remaining "willing" subjects ;)  

Love my fam  ...a bit shaken and blurred!!



Friday, September 3, 2021

On the Fly...

Set out on an adventure with my girlfriend Polly.  Headed up to Pittsburg for some fly fishing with Nick Proulx of Northern Water Guides.  We had touched base with Nick on our drive up north and he said "the fish are biting ...."early"

Both of us were game - so "early" it was.  We met up with Nick at 5 am donning our waders and headed to the river.

As he was setting up our rods, reels and flys he gave us instruction on how to cast with the sounds of fish jumping within a few feet from us.  Even saw a set of eyes through the darkness giving us a look.

 Once we were set on our own it was a methodical learning curve.  With each cast I found that I was catching on and slowly began to believe that I may even be able to catch something!  The peacefulness on the river was calming.  Once in a while a splash from a fish close by, a few birds here and there and us three. 

I did manage to catch a little brown trout - his colors illuminated by the early sun.  A quick catch and release and back into the rhythm of casting and stripping.  We learned a few techniques during our morning on the river.  Those "big" fish were toying with us newbies.  Making a splash or jump just close enough to us to make us think we may get the chance to reel them in.  As Nick told us they don't get that big without being quite smart!  Yes, they outsmarted us on this trip but certainly gave us an enjoyable outing and the excitement to come back again for another try.

I would highly suggest giving Nick Proulx at Northern Water Guides in Pittsburg a try.  He was a great teacher and made us feel quite accomplished after our 1/2 day spent on the river.



Monday, August 30, 2021

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Meet Tuck


Not a typical Thursday morning as our day started with a surprise visitor to the back deck.  A juvenile barred owl had taken up residence for the day seeking shelter while awaiting mom's return.  

At first "Tuck" appeared nervous while we watched from inside the house.  But as time wore on I believe he sensed we meant no harm.  I was happy to see that he was able to catch a few z's in the shade. 
The morning commute traffic was diverted...
...and confirmed at noon that diversions were still in place. 
As afternoon approached "Tuck" came out from beneath the chair to take in his surroundings.

Oh, those
Truly a sweet creature...
I was drawn in by his movements and personality.  Perhaps getting a little frustration out!
Loved that he got a bit of exercise in too!
Funny that he didn't leave his perch - the temps on this day were above 90 degrees.  He found shade underneath one of the chairs that was fortunately draped with the grill cover.  
Afternoon grooming - gotta love a bird that takes pride in himself.

As we returned home from work and with evening fast approaching Mama returned.  
"Tuck" was out on the back lawn and it appears that a sense of happiness came over him in seeing her. 
She would fly off in a northerly direction as if to guide him "home".  
"Tuck" took refuge in areas that would camouflage him as he made the trek up the hill. 
It wasn't an easy trek - but he was persistent... was Mom in watching and guiding him along the way.  
One last glance back towards our home as he made his way back to his.  
I was tickled when I saw that Mom was no longer concerned about me watching as she was about "Tuck" getting where he needed to be.  

Tuck's arrival early in the morning set about a series of phone calls to try to find help.  Not knowing that Mom would return I didn't want to leave him on his own.  My calls were diverted to several lines along the chain - none bringing about a resolution.  

It felt right that Tuck's story with us ended as it did.  We don't know what the future holds for Tuck but we do know that he's in good hands.   



Thursday, April 1, 2021

Blade and Marquee make their Return

The Colonial Theater gets a facelift today!  The blade and marquee arrived and make their debut back to the Theater. 

Final preparations as they ready the crane to lift the blade in place.
Inner light bulbs screwed into their proper receptacles before she is raised.
A blessing from above is how I see it - good fortune to be bestowed through the years ahead.
Lifted up
amongst watchful eyes from below 
Securing to the facade

It was wonderful to see so many folks come out to watch 
for many bringing back memories of years past

It's a process 
one that will be enjoyed by families near and far through the coming years

She looks good back among here neighbors

I also took a peek inside to see how the finish work was coming along...

Painting should be completed in the coming weeks 

She looks quite welcoming....