Thursday, October 13, 2022

Lovin' the vibe....

 A recent getaway to the Cape during their "quieter" season.  Jim and I haven't ventured to Cape Cod for many years - too many crowds have kept it off our radar.  But, I must say after Labor Day it becomes quite a pleasant environ to go exploring. 

We planned on utilizing the Cape Cod Rail Trail for our adventures and we were impressed by the ease of getting around and "popping" off the trail to go exploring  
One tip we received from our Airbnb host was to go visit the "little French pastry shop" in Wellfleet.  I did a quick "google" search when we reached the end of the rail trail to find it was a few hundred yards up the road.  Not something we would have found without our hosts' friendly nudge.  If my backpack wasn't so small and the weather had been cooler I would have bought many more delights - so in hind sight probably a good thing circumstances were as they were!  
Just enough room in my pack for our baguette to add to our picnic lunch for later 
then back to our bikes and on our way.  
Of course, we sat and enjoyed a croissant with other visitors before going on our way. 

So many "cut-offs" from the trail would bring us out to fun locales that filled our day. 

This spot beckoned us to return for sunset and we were not disappointed.  

This stop was another tip from our host. 
Catching the seals feeding as the fisherman 
came back into Chatham.
We arrived a bit late and the seals were napping
but that moonrise...

The next part of our adventuring was a trip out to Nantucket Island.  The ferry out of Hyannis was an easy transition to Nantucket greeting us with all the charm that this small island possesses.   

I loved the vibe of the island.  Again, we ventured after Labor Day crowds had dispersed.  
Once again we were utilizing their bike trails on the island for our mode of transportation.  Slightly less detailed as on Cape Cod - but delightful just the same.  

A quick pit stop at Bartlett's Farm for some picnic provisions and back in the saddle to see the sights.  

The beaches ~  sparsely populated... the waters still warm
...and the surf up with the combo of storms off shore and a full moon.

Seals were popping their heads up at every beach we visited
Seals = Sharks ?
Must admit always in my mind 
keeps me in closer to shore!

Tuna's what's for dinner! 

Strolling through downtown 
...venturing through the little blocks of streets

marveling at the stones
throughout downtown.

Our Airbnb was once again a perfect choice for us,
just outside of town with our lovely host 
who has been living on Nantucket for 37 years.
She mentioned she would have coffee for us in the 
morning as she would be off for work early.

...much to our surprise we had a beautiful breakfast laid out for us 
before we headed out for the day.
Kindness and appreciation 

The island is small and easily navigated by using the bike trail and side streets.  
We had fun exploring and taking in the warm, sea breeze.

If you're thinking of visiting and get put-off by the crowds.  
Do go past Labor Day 

as we were
you will be pleasantly
surprised and taken... 

with Nantucket's charm



Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Summertime Adventuring ~ Maine

Once again summertime adventuring brought us along Mid Maine coast.  

 The more we explore the coast of Maine - the more we love what we find! 

Our first trip was a visit to Cousins Island and Chebeague Island - just off from Yarmouth.  

Staying on Cousins Island was a treat.  A small island over the bridge from Yarmouth only a hop and a skip north of Portland.  This low-key island that was great for exploring on our bicycles.  Yes, we've gotten to "that" age where we'll eat dinner fairly early - but after dinner we'll hop on our bicycles and head out to watch the sunset from one of the vantage points along the island shoreline.   This particular spot had a few to choose from!

Up and at 'em the next morning we hopped on the ferry over to Chebeague Island.  A quick 15 minute ferry ride - without having to deal with the cluster that is Portland.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy Portland - but I also enjoy getting away from all the hustle and bustle that the summer tourists bring.   

Chebeague Island was an absolute treat!  About 6 or so miles long with a North Road and a South Road.  I had brought a map with us but none of the streets were marked.  As we biked down North road we'd stop to look at our map - had we gone by three or four streets?  Don't really remember - okay let's go down this street and see what we find.  So many of those "side streets" would bring us to a beautiful little beach with no one in sight.  We came to this particular spot at low tide.  You could walk from Chebeague Island to Little Chebeague.  Keep in mind you don't linger too long or you'll end up waiting many hours for the next tide to get back! 

Pretty much everywhere we rode opened up to a lovely spot along the shore.  Each time we stopped along N/S Road a passerby would wave and ask if we needed help with directions.  Just made us love this place even more.  

Back on Cousins Island our ride towards sunset brought us to Little John Beach Preserve.  What a lovely network of trails and rocky beaches - with a killer view towards Harpswell as the sun began to set.

A little further down the road was Sandy Point beach.  Great spot for an early evening swim before biking back to our house.  

Our next outing was a stay on Bailey Island ~ a stone's throw from lands end.  A lovely 1940's oceanfront cottage to celebrate August birthdays with family.  Bailey Island is a small island accessed from Brunswick and Harpswell.  Driving through the quaint town of Brunswick ~ we traveled over a couple of bridges taking us through Orr's Island and then on to Bailey Island.  

The sunrise from our cottage was a lovely way to great each day.  

Even Jordon had fun exploring, taking her first "taste" of the ocean.  By the time we finished off the evening by the campfire this little gal was snoring!  

The cribstone bridge built in the 1920's was a sight to see and explore from our kayaks.  A slower pace that gave us time to breath in the salt air and enjoy the great outdoors together! 



Monday, May 16, 2022

Family Adventures and Exploration ...on the Rhode


Off we go to Rhode Island with the kids for a bit of adventuring and exploring.   

The Cliff Walk in Newport was our first stop for an afternoon walk to stretch the legs after our drive down.  

Emma and Tom are adventurers at heart and hop off the trail looking into the nooks and crannies finding treasures along the way.

Chris and Jim are the explorers who forge ahead to see what lies around the next bend... 

                                            and through the tunnels...

The following day an early morning ferry ride to bring us out to Block Island for the day.   Departing from Point Judith and the quaint fishing port of Galilee.  

A perfect day on the ocean with a little fog, a warm breeze and
the smell of the salty air. 

We spot the next ferry coming through the fog as we depart Point Judith

Our first stop on the island was the trek down the Mohegan Bluff stairs...

141 of them down to a secluded harbor and beach  

here we built a small family cairn as our token of appreciation.

The mopeds rentals were a big hit with the kids.

We'd keep passing them and them passing us as we skirted around the island - toot toot!
Us ol' folks were on our bicycles.    

Tom throwing a little bit of his signature style into the sand - smiles for days!

Following a picnic lunch our last jaunt of the day out to Settlers' Rock and a walk out to the North Lighthouse. Watched seals feeding out off Cow Cove and birds guarding their nests out on the lighthouse point.  

A return to town for an ice cream before catching the last ferry back to mainland.  

Thinking of a visit to this area?  I would highly recommend it this time of year ~ the crowds are small as they are just beginning to gear up for their busy summer schedule.  We found it to be a charming and delightful place   

                        ....adventures and explorations family style! 



Wednesday, April 6, 2022

RAKU Firing

                Earth - Fire - Air - Water      

RAKU tradition began in Japan and instantly reminded me of "Wabi - Sabi"

     ...we've been participating in a wonderful learning adventure for the past six months that we call 

            "Clay Club"

We gather each week and make pieces with our hands along with our willingness to explore.   Sarah guides us through her knowledge and sense of fun.  Some of our pieces have been a work in progress over the winter months.  But on this day we ventured out to experience the RAKU process.  

 It's a low fire kiln unlike the wood kiln. 
Our pieces will sit in the kiln until they've reached a little over 1800F.  It didn't take long and gave us a chance to enjoy conversation and the warmth of the Spring sun.  

The pottery pieces, removed while still red hot, were quickly cooled in water then placed into a small can along with combustibles of sawdust and paper a few acorns for good measure in my case.

All this smoldering created some extra "crackle" on our pieces.  Placing them in the water bath prior gave us the snap and pop!

As Sarah pulled each item from the cans - we looked on with delight.  Each piece had it's own identity
as the glaze and heat sealed their fate.

As I was applying the glazes I had tried to imagine what my finished piece could look like. 
In true RAKU fashion I was pleasantly surprised with the grittier aspect on the results.  

A great day! see more on Sarah Burn's work go to or check her out on Instagram.

I feel fortunate that our paths crossed and so enjoy hanging out with my fellow "Clay Clubbers" Claire and Jenna.  We always look forward to what the next adventure will bring.....