Tuesday, September 28, 2010


... in the RAIN

If you have an interest in photography I would highly recommend David duChemin's selection of eBooks from www.craftandvision.com. They are inexpensive and offer David's insight, wit and beautiful photography.... all of which I enjoy immensely.

Additionally his books include many wonderful destinations he has visited through his work. One of his newest is Venice - a monograph. I have not had the opportunity to visit Venice but the destination I chose is special in it's own way.

The Venice eBook was on my mind when I went out to shoot today. Therefore I "borrowed" David's theme and went with it and created my version of Aloneness... in the RAIN.

Which, I suppose, is as David states, merely a simple record of my own moments.

Hope you enjoy,


FYI... you can purchase David duChemin's books at www.craftandvision.com or view his website at www.pixelatedimage.com