Monday, April 18, 2011

For the Love of Photography

I recently made a trip down to Boston to attend the Flash Bus Tour 2011. David Hobby and Joe McNally two very talented photographers who had an idea to take to the road rumbling through 29 US cities in a bus.

The day was full of knowledge flashed with wit and wisdom from David and Joe's many years of shooting experiences.

The question and answer time proved to bring out a few stories and chuckles elicited from the audience.

...and now that I'm back home I want to try out some of what I've learned. Who better than myself - actually I can think of many better - but I was the only one available at the time. :)

So a bit of fun with two light setups and trying to come up with a picture "my client" would be happy with.

Experiment .... to Learn; Learn... to Experiment.



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