Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From One Day to the Next....

...you never know what lies down the road so to speak. Places we drive by each and every day can bring new and exciting sights for us to embrace if we drive with our eyes open and our imagination along for the ride.For instance - a drive by the lake with the fog rolling through gives a lonely barren feeling;
...and upon further investigation a glimpse of Antartica exploring the ice caps.
When the following day - taking to the back roads....
brings visions of a ranch in Montana where the buffalo roam!

Next time you get in the car and take to the roads - bring your sense of humor and imagination along. Taking the same road but choosing a different path may just make your day.



PS This is for you Anne - I will definitely be humming softly as I'm shooting this evening :0 ...so as not to embarrass myself

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