Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Open Canvas

Walking around my garden today and I must admit I don't have too many flowers blooming.  The ones that are have been pelted by the rains for the past few days and are looking pretty sad.  As I walked around I came to this "bush".  I have no idea what it is and to be truthful it has never been something I really liked ~ it may be a variegated something or other.  It gets hacked down each fall and then grows wildly again year after year.   With my camera in hand I started to look for a picture and found that the leaves appear to be painted in a watercolor style.
 Each leaf taking on a different look with light and dark shades of green on its white canvas.  You have to love Mother Nature in that she gave each leaf their own white canvas and green "paint" and let them do their thing.  Individuality is such a gift that we all possess ~ we must remember to always utilize it.


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