Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"I Have a Smoke Machine and our Theme Will Be Glamour……"

My girlfriends trust me ~  Conversation goes something like this….. "I Have a Smoke Machine and our Theme will be Glamour……"    ~ come on over

They show up with various "glamorous" items and we splay them about.  We mix - we match - we help each other get "dressed up" - and we LAUGH  ~A LOT!

A photograph is just a photograph ~ but the time we share in the making of a few photographs is what it's all about.  I'm a photographer and the photograph is important.  But it is days like this that remind me that the photograph isn't everything.  It's the time - love - laughter - trust that enriches our lives!

Having three directors "posing" me for this shoot was priceless.  Head down - look up - sultry eyes - show teeth - flip the hat - bend back - push forward …..  The were having their way with me and having a blast doing so.  Cathy you're a gem behind the camera…. and Elaine, Jo and Deb you are all magnificent directors.  Laughing 'til my sides hurt is one of the best feelings I know.  xo



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