Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Visual Pushups

One of my favorite quips from Jay Maisel
 ~ Go out and shoot every day ~
 ~ Masterpieces are optional ~
 ~ Visual pushups mandatory ~

I always like to "go out and shoot".  No problem there and it's fun hitting the streets with nothing in mind to photograph but rather taking in what catches your eye.  Working on those visual pushups.

 Just after parking my car this young woman caught my eye working in a cafe.  My first photo of the morning.

As I meandered along I noticed this set of stairs.
       I don't always need a deal
       I can certainly go without food
                                …...but sorry kids I will always dream!

…and then we come to my final photo of the day back at my car.  The amount of time passed between this and the first photo above was 3:07:09

Once again she caught my eye and I was taken and therefore made another photo.

Street shooting is something I enjoy immensely any chance I can.   Usually you only get one chance at making a photo.  Seldom will you get that second chance.  Today was a bonus day!



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