Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let the Light Reveal

When you see this as a photographer it can best be described as a giddy feeling inside.
The light finds its way around the room in a most beautiful and balanced way.

"Gifts will happen"  this is best described as a gift 

This past summer I spent a week with Jay Maisel in Maine for a Light, Gesture and Color workshop.
As a group we would talk about photographs that Jay has made through the years as well as photographs that we had taken throughout the week.
 I find myself thinking back to that week often and one of my many favorite quotes from Jay
"we do not take pictures, we are taken by pictures"

When I posted this photograph I received a thoughtful note from my dear friend Dorothy.  Her words described the room beautifully and unbeknownst to her offered me a moving compliment. 
"a story-telling scene with the look of life, light and color" 

A true gift



more photos from the singalong at

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