Friday, January 16, 2015

A Nostalgic Walk to Mt Belknap Grange No. 52

Gilford Elementary students take a step back in time during their Colonial Life and Tradesmen field trip

A chance for students to see daily life during the 1800's.  Storekeepers, printers, milliners, coopers to name a few

Seeing what it was like during a typical school day for children during colonial times.

Learning about the Printer, the Hatter and the Wig Maker to name a few.  Many questions asked 
"Why do men wear wigs?"

Watching the process of a Printer at work with answers to questions 
"That is why they call them "upper case"

 Classroom similar in some ways and different in others.
With their Schoolmaster Mrs. Lacroix showing students the chalkboards used by children in the 1800's I couldn't help but think how many of todays students see that as an antique IPAD!



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