Monday, January 19, 2015

Seeing My Work in Print ~ with so much more

A night of interrupted sleep - thoughts and ideas churning in my head 
denying me of a sound sleep.
On this morning I woke with an idea that I soon discarded.
Too much on the gloomy side and instead I will choose to focus on the bright side.

2014 was a year of seeing much of my hard work and dedication come through to actual assignments. Assignments that I will look back on with pride.

This particular assignment was for St. Paul's School.  To experience their trail system through the four seasons.

Leisurely walks in the woods and along the brooks and ponds.  Making pictures while taking in the fresh air and solitude that these woods provide.

I recall a few times while out wandering when I received phone calls from friends that brought me to tears…. "happy" tears.  
Calls from friends with good news.
I saved an old fortune cookie and taped it to my journal; it reads
"You will be happy to receive good news"
immediately I thought "duh" no kidding
and laughing at such a silly fortune; but 
still I saved it.

What I realized from those phone calls was sharing good news with a dear friend is much deeper; and for me it showed that fortune cookie was much smarter than I.  

Something happening in our lives that we immediately want to share with someone close to us.
It's a connection that I personally cherish; and it reminds me that I always want to hear
whatever "news" a friend has.  Whether it be good, bad or ugly...



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