Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stay With What Excites You

As a photographer there are those times when you get excited by what you see
That was the case in this scene
Their positioning on the dock grabbed me
 I knew from past experience that I would get a better vantage point compositionally so I moved
….hoping they would not

Lucky for me they were enjoying the moment 
and the extra time I took to move
paid off

Two Docks ~ meant more options
Here I didn't have the option of a second vantage point
But compositionally my subjects did the work for me
This one brings me back to a workshop with Jay Maisel last summer
"you see something in front of you 
and you're thinking -don't move-
and the second thought is to myself
-don't screw this up-
of course with JM 
the language was a bit more colorful!

 if something excites me
I stay with it
as do most people
sometimes it works out
and sometimes not

My thoughts - it worked out just as it was supposed to



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