Monday, June 8, 2015

My "After" Photo

So I had planned on writing up a blog post about my trip to mid coast Maine last week.  And I will certainly do so ~ but this, I decided, was to come first after receiving an "assignment" from Janelle this morning.

Stay with me - this was an important trip.

I have been working on getting back into better shape since the beginning of 2015.  Janelle has been helping me work through a weekly routine and she takes no prisoners.  We work hard together - her guiding me with expertise and ….me… well huffing, puffing, complaining (a little bit ~ okay okay ~ some days a lot) but each and every day realizing….


Sometimes we forget how strong we are inside.  
Not just with our physical strength but our mental strength.  The later being the most important.  While getting ourselves physically strong is easier to pinpoint and accomplish with tasks ~ being mentally strong is more difficult.  Sometimes hard to define what must be done.

So my goal for 2015 is to continue to grow mentally strong.  Believing in myself ~ trusting my gut.
Also in keeping with a balance ~ staying physically strong and keeping that "gut" in check!



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