Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FU BOB Series

This series would have to be labeled as just plain silly.  I photographed this T Shirt last year while shooting Bike Week features and I had sent it along to a friend named "Bob".  So this year while walking along Lakeside Avenue my eye caught it once again.  I tend to walk along a bit and then stop a bit waiting for something to happen within the frame work of what I hope to be a compositionally interesting feature shot.

I didn't stand here too long and these two just jumped out at me.  Once again - just plain silliness on my part.  Bike Week along Lakeside Avenue tends to be a bit of the same old same old each year.  A lot of bikes to look at and people watching galore.

Sometimes it's fun to look for something a little bit different.  My apologies to BOB!
I would imagine every time I head down to Lakeside I will be glancing over at this T Shirt to see what I can come up with.

May end up with a FU BOB series.



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