Sunday, June 21, 2015

On the Fence and Being Complacent

Brought my friend Cathy down to Bike Week on Saturday.  Her first time experiencing the event.  We talked of stories of her dad and brothers coming years ago ~ her along with her mom and sister having no interest in going at the time.

Today - a different story - she was excited to walk Lakeside Avenue and take some photos.  Traffic was stopped coming into the Weirs and her camera was already out and clicking as folks went by.

I let her take the lead as we walked down towards the boardwalk thinking I'd watch and see the event through her "fresh" eyes.  After spending a week in and around Weirs Beach I felt that I was allowing myself to become complacent.  Seeing possibilities unfold from the same vantage points but trying to find something different.

So when we got to an opening in the fence she asked "can we walk down on the boardwalk on the other side of the tracks"  my response "sure"

So here's my take from the other side of the tracks

"On the Fence"  

 Motorcycle Week is as much about people moving about as it is about watching people go by
 I found a new vantage point seeing the different postures along the fence on Lakeside Ave
 - folks doing just that -
 - watching people go by -

We will always allow ourselves to be complacent - but a simple push will take us somewhere new.
So I'm thinking from now on I'll be venturing out to explore

"the other side of the tracks"



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