Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Not A Keeper ~ in the conceptual sense only

One word project ~  the word 

Immediately a facial reaction came to mind and I pushed it away not wanting a "typical" thought process on this image.
So instead my thoughts turn to more conceptual ideas
and I let them take root and blended them with some props and techniques that I don't usually work with.  In this case a neutral density filter to block out several stops of light enabling me to give a blur to the flow of the water and fish netting.  
The idea of a brook shoot has been in my head for a while and this I will definitely revisit on another outing.  It was a little weird…. somewhat embarrassing…. a bit creative….but a whole lot of fun through the process of making this image.  

And to boot I got a great "reaction" when I shared for the One Word project.

My disclaimer:  no feelings were hurt in this image   ….and I wasn't thrown back!



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