Monday, November 16, 2015

Make Photos that Make You Feel

Me and Cathy are at it again.  Our get togethers are as much about the friendship we share than they are about making a photograph.  Don't get me wrong we both want to make the photographs ~ but never does it take precedence over our individual inhibitions and friendship.  

I practiced with myself as the model before Cathy arrived and tweaked a lighting setup we could work on together.  Once Cathy arrived we had some "technical issues" that canned Plan A and we went to Plan B.  My photo was made with off camera triggered flash
Cathy's photo was made with a continuous light setup
We practiced on each other

During these sessions we talk about lighting, camera settings and adjustments to be made.  We compare ideas and work through problems.   But more importantly we talk about how we feel.  When you sit in front of someone else's camera you are giving them the gift that is you.  As a photographer I cherish that gift given and hold it with utmost respect.

Thank You Cathy for our honest conversations.  You have taught me more about myself than I had realized.  It's okay to say "no"  and it's okay to say "yes".  We must always respect one another's choice.



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