Friday, January 8, 2016

A Fisherman and An Author ~ Story #3

Story #3 

One place I wanted to visit on this trip was Breakwater Light
It wasn't the perfect time of day ~ late morning.
And the light wasn't going to be right ~ didn't care.
I wanted to go and so that's just what I did.

On the walk out ~ 7/8ths of a mile ~ I was the only person around. 
I saw a fisherman in the distance that I watched for a bit.  But mostly it was just me on the rocks jutting out into the bay.  The walk out to the lighthouse was slow and deliberate - it's always slow walking with my camera.  I take in my surroundings and photograph what catches my eye.  Not a lot of keepers as far as photos go but a great exercise in time spent alone with my own thoughts.  

Once I reached the lighthouse I turned around and starting walking back towards shore. A faster pace that got slowed by some visitors.  The fisherman that had caught my attention earlier was now pulling traps that ran parallel to the breakwater.  We chatted about his "keepers" and the next trap he pulled was just that.  The dead giveaway was this seagull cued in to his catch.  He held it up high with pride to show me and I think that bird thought it was his lucky day.  Not so ~ into the bin it went as it "measured up" and would be heading inland.


As I was photographing the fisherman along came Brian.  He is an author visiting Maine for a few days.  Also with camera in hand -  we chatted mostly about the story he would be writing.  This trip would be time spent working on building an outline and characters for his plot.  Who knows maybe there will be a "Karen" in his storyline!

Paths cross ~ some are brief snippets ~ some form fast friendships.  I think of these "snippet" moments as short stories.  They aren't meant to be a novel but can certainly be every bit as memorable.



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