Thursday, January 21, 2016

Around That Bend

An impromptu trip to California to meet up with my friend Cathy who was on a two week business trip.  Our weekend was an opportunity to travel the coast of Northern California outside of San Francisco down to Big Sur along the rugged coastline.  

We made a pack - if you see something say something and we'll stop.
Needless to say we stopped "frequently" and our walkabouts lasted for hours.

Beautiful countryside that sits precariously along the rocky shore.  As lovely looking towards land as it is looking towards the sea.

Of course Cathy will always throw a bit of fun into our day - "Karen, go lay in that hole in the rock"
Made for good laughs and fun memories
with a little Thelma and Louise twist!

On this day Cathy had to go back to work.  I was on my own.  I've traveled solo during my time working with Penny Pitou Travel and honestly I am usually not 100% in my comfort zone.  I like a buddy with me.  I think it's more to share the experience with than the fear of going it alone.  But certainly there is an element of fear and reserve when I'm solo.

Off I go in my rental car to the coast starting at Half Moon Bay.  Car warning lights go on and I ask where the closest gas station is and am directed just down the road.  The gas station was closed so on I went in search on the next one.  Pulled in to find another gentlemen putting air in his tires.  We chatted he helped me we said our goodbyes and were both on our way.  A quick phone call home to "check in" and a renewed feeling of confidence as I was back on my way exploring.

First stop that caught my eye was San Gregorio State Park.
It had a small parking lot that opened up to what looked like a river coming in and a bridge in the distance.  Nice photo opportunities I thought ~ so I gathered my gear and took a walk towards the beach.

Never could I have guessed this scenario.  The upper part of the cliff (that looked flat from the parking lot) opened up around the corner to this beautiful expanse of beach and rock.

This photo speaks as to how I was feeling.  I was rounding a bend with a feeling of freedom and wonder.

I didn't think it could get much better than this

…Oh grasshopper   ;)

As I walked along the beach area there were dozens of students from the Academy of Art school in San Fran working on a photography project.

 I was not alone at all.  Had a blast talking with these folks and taking photos of them working.

I was meant to stop here.  We get pulled in a direction during our everyday lives - not knowing why and what the outcome will be.  Sometimes when we stay the course the rewards are beyond measure.

This was one of those times…..

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