Friday, January 1, 2016

Damn Skippy ~ It's a New Year

On the final day of 2015 I headed out for a walk with my Infrared camera.  I've been delinquent in spending time with this genre of photography since I had my camera converted over this fall.  Excuses were sadly the only reason.  I had a couple of hours to spare and the great outdoors was calling my name with the warmth of the high noon sun.  Perfect infrared weather.  Funny thought though I still felt I had to bring a "straight" camera along in my backpack.  I only took it out once early on in my walk and then - with determination - kept it in it's protective hold for the duration of my excursion.

These walks are slow ~ deliberate in seeing.  But when I crossed the bridge and headed into an open field I was delighted by the sheer joy of this pug.  Her owner asked if I was "afraid of dogs"…my response "no".  The moment she dropped her leash it was with bounding enthusiasm she made her way towards me through the snow.  Pugs' faces don't typically show jubilance - so trust me on this one.  Her quick pace and effort was convincing that I was who she wanted to see.   We had a lovely exchange followed by a sniff from her sibling dog and then went off on our separate ways along the trail.

As I walked up the hill this birdhouse caught my eye.  The clouds were starting to fill in but still showed some detail and breaks.  The cluster of grass around her base added a grounding effect that I liked.  I crouched down to give a clean backdrop and focus to this special little house in the field.  I love this photo for its simplicity.  I'm thinking the infrared served it well.

Not so far away was this "house".  Not sure why it caught me so - but it did - and it made me think.  I like photos that question.  This appears to be a house ~ but what kind?  Who would live here?  Don't have the answers but the questions entertain me.

It's all about interaction.
How someone or something presents itself to you is how you react to it.
I'm one who will always question ~ I like that quality in myself.
I'm also one who will always react ~ and I'm good with that quality as well.

Here's to a "damn skippy" New Year!




  1. Nice post. I really like the bird house and the other house. Simplicity.