Monday, January 11, 2016

In a Smoky Room

One Word ~ Smoke

This preliminary photo was to see how I would capture smoke billowing up.  I set up a candle with a backlight gelled blue.  Thought I had it all figured out for when I was ready to start my "smoke" photo.  Oh grasshopper how little you know….

The lighting setup  ~  I had a medium soft box directly overhead to shed some light on me - keeping the feel of a smoky room.   Second light was set to camera right.  A Speedlight with a blue gel doubled up and set to 105mm zoom.  I was pleased with the blue cast and was on my way to lighting up and having a smoke.

Of course I don't smoke so I put a match head into my cigarette holder to create the illusion of a lit cigarette.  Each time I blew out the match the smoke would only last for a couple of frames at best and did not go straight up with all my activity and movement.

Still I was able to come away with a photo that worked out.  Found it quite enjoyable working with the gels to create mood.  In lieu of setting off the smoke detectors I refrained from using the small smoke bombs I got.  I can see this one revisited in warmer weather when I can shoot outdoors….
It'll be smokin'

….in a smoky room.  The smell of wine and cheap perfume…..

My journey is continuing to evolve ~ feeling like I'm on a good path.



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