Sunday, January 24, 2016

One Cog in the Wheel

Facebook is a great place to share photos and conversations with friends.  "Friends" including people you've known for years, those you have just recently met and those that you only know through the channels of social media.

This photo of Mount Washington as viewed from Bretton Woods depicts the Grand Dame of New Hampshire in all her glory.

I met Gina through a mutual friend at a recent Patriots game and chose her for the challenge not only for her love of hiking and the great outdoors; but also for her comments on previous images within the challenge.  We all "scroll" through other peoples lives through the jungle of social media.  I appreciate those that stop and take notice with a comment.  Especially one with feeling - whether it be humorous, bearing a critique or simple kindness.

So to all the "cogs" in my small wheel I say thanks.  Those short comments connect us and take us to the top of the mountain side by side.

A much prettier view when enjoyed together.



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