Monday, January 25, 2016

Paint Your Canvas

Each photographer or artist is unique.  
Our heads wrap around things that interest us whether that be visual, emotional
or preconceived concepts. 

 Life is not always a clear definite path that you walk with surety….
more often than not it is a path that shows not the end but a foggy glimpse of what lies ahead.
Tempting you to explore into the unknown that lies beyond.

 My friend Carole asked to join in on the nature challenge.  As with each day prior I selected a photo that had a connection with the person I was nominating.  So for this 7th and final day my photos have a painterly feel.

I have enjoyed this challenge.  Upon first being nominated I had every intention to go shoot a new image each day after my initial day 1 post.  Work and life are full and instead I pulled from my archives.  In looking back over the week I'm glad that I did.  Not only did I revisit images throughout the past 8 years I also learned a little bit about myself in the process.

It's great to go where the wind takes you.
Just be sure to bring all the parts of who you are along on the journey….



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