Friday, January 8, 2016

Someone Special Pulls You In ~ Story #2

Story #2

Little coffee shop on the corner of Main Street in Camden ~ Boynton-McKay.  I first was drawn to this coffee shop a couple of years back.  My early morning walkabouts in town with a cup of coffee and a camera.  I noticed an older gentleman getting out of her car and walking into this local coffee shop.

I photographed him and several others as they started their morning with a "cup of joe"
But it was the photograph of the older gentleman that I chose to share within my workshop class later that day.  I remember my instructor giving me feedback on that photo.  His comments were thoughtful and insightful ~ at the end he instructed me to be "careful" with my street photography.  I noted what he was saying and keep it with me every time I go shooting.

During these weeks I stay in Maine I rise early - head into town for a cup of coffee - and walk around observing.  I decided to have my "cup of joe" in this coffee shop after watching all the flurry of activity the day before.   As I sat patrons came in and out as they started their day in this cheery space.  Wasn't I just tickled to see the older gentleman from the day before come in - once again - for his morning coffee.  I instantly felt a connection through the photograph that I had made the day before in a nice simple way.  No I don't know this man but I felt something special and he pulled me in to this particular shop.

Now, two years later, I'm back in the same coffee shop in the dead of winter.  A bitterly, cold January morning.  I was sitting in a booth which allowed me to see the doorway out onto the street.  I can't even begin to describe that spark of joy that I felt inside when I saw the same older gentleman come inside for his morning "cup of joe".  Instantly I knew why I had felt such a special kinship to the first photograph I had made of him.  This coffee shop is part of his daily life.  I know nothing more about him than that and I can honestly say that is enough to know I was pulled in by someone very special.

I do believe photography is a gift and on this day I was the recipient.  A forever grateful recipient.



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