Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Final Final ~ Story #6

Story #6

Spending time with friends - we have a saying - The Final Final - one last stop before heading home.
Before leaving Maine my "final final" was a visit to Rayr Wine Shop in Rockport.  I found this little gem last summer and it will be a staple for me each time I return to Maine.

I enjoy wine ~ I'm certainly no connoisseur ~ but I do enjoy trying something different.  Walking into a liquor store I get overwhelmed and usually choose on the basis of the physical bottle (aka label) which sometimes works out okay and other times is a bust.

At Rayr, the owner Jason greets you upon arrival.  I will tell him what we like and he'll offer recommendations along with brief descriptions of each wine's characteristics.  His enthusiasm for his product is engaging and makes the visit a fun experience.  "you'll love this one…this one is bold and funky…. "  We have a fun exchange.  This is his business but you can tell it is his passion as well.

I enjoy people that speak with passion in their voice.  That spark that comes to their eye with engagement from knowing someone else is interested in what they have to offer.

Four bottles wrapped and bagged for a future "Final Final"

Salute!                              … to be continued




  1. My camera stayed in my car on this visit…. Jason and I had a nice chat and it's recorded in my memory Sandy. Funny though once I got home and put the bag down - I saw this photo and conjured up a story.