Friday, January 8, 2016

To "Sweet" ~ Story #1

Story #1
I love how one 24 hour period can bring so many stories to light.  A quick trip to Maine allowed me a day to wander with my camera and poke around along the rugged New England coastline of Mid Coast Maine.  But more importantly to meet and chat with folks whose paths crossed mine.   

 This first story takes place in a small Thai restaurant in Camden ~ Long Grain.  It came highly recommended from several friends.   I had made a couple of attempts prior to sit for a meal here.  Though the difference of their schedule and mine didn't allow that connection.

On this trip things changed.  I arrived in late afternoon to a room full of patrons with a couple in line for the next table.  As I sat and waited I felt aware that this was going to be special.   A seat was available at the bar area and I joined the other diners in this small cozy space.

Conversations ensued ~ Noah, a painter, "the artist kind" shared his knowledge of the menu and my choices were selected.  Starting off with a spring roll with mussels to follow with a glass of Thai iced tea to start me on my way.

Each dish meticulously prepared and presented ~ "fresh"

As I made way through my meal the diners around me went along on their day.  My waitress Kate and I chatted.  We talked of her travels nationally and internationally and how Camden eventually called her back "home".  That is the sense I get with many folks in this area.  They all have a wonderful sense of being home and welcoming to us that come for our short stints.

 I don't think of dessert when it comes to Thai cuisine ~ so when Kate asked if I wanted dessert I was curious.  Had to ask….  then absolutely had to order.  Black sticky rice with coconut custard and coconut cream.  This had my name written all over it.  I was full from my lunch but a "no thank you" was not an option.  Food coma followed.

Needless to say I enjoyed every bite.  In honor of my friend Deb this was "plate licking" worthy!

I raise my glass of Thai iced tea and give a toast to "sweet".
It's not an every day thing ~ but my oh my when you choose your sweet may you enjoy it to the fullest!



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