Saturday, February 13, 2016

Exhilaratingly Cold

Of course, this week I've been spending a whole lot of time doing outdoor shoots.  Temps hovering in the lower single digits again today with a stiff wind.  Still I wouldn't want to miss out on watching Tom during the Carnival Race at Dartmouth.

At 2:08:10……   lookin' good!

at 2:08:11…. on One Wild Ride!

Hung in there to keep on the course and finish.
Ski Racing at its best!

On these cold days I find myself trying to stay warm by giving myself challenges.  Keeps me on my toes ~ which helps them to stay a little bit warmer  ;)

My thought was to play with the chairlift in the background while racers made their way through the slalom course.  Like so many scenarios in life you're aware of the low probability for success from the get go.  But even still I felt it was worth a try and once committed I'm one to stay the course.  There were many obstacles   ~~ empty chairs   ~~ wrong place wrong time  ~~ disengagement   ~~ bad timing

I'm not one to give up ~ and that was true on this day and I managed to squeak a handful of decent images out of the fray…

...making the connection with all the players

By the time the girls were set to run the cold had started to take over my extremities.
So I went for straight on explosive expression.

 No fair weather folks here ~  way to hang tough!



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