Monday, March 21, 2016

Grandeur ~ Dusting it Off

As I walk through this Grand Dame of a theater I notice the attention to detail and beauty in every room I enter. Yes, she's covered with dust and much, much more but still these walls have had patience for years and will continue to wait patiently as they get the attention they deserve.

I spent the better part of my day setting up lights, tweaking my camera settings and making photographs all to document the transformation of this beautiful space as she comes back to life.  You can feel the excitement from the many stories folks share.  Some from their own childhood memories and some of their children's memories in the later years when the changes were made.

A smile came across my face as I photographed this view looking out from the stage into the audience seating.  I brought my two boys to see Lion King and sat in that front row ~ seats 3-4-5.  I remember my younger son Tom, two years old at the time, being so scared during parts of that movie.  

I didn't have the pleasure of experiencing this space in her "hay day" years ~ but as I walk through now I can see and feel the joy she brought to so many over the years.  Back in the day when it was $0.15 to see a show.

This view is from the back theater and allows you to see through to the front two theaters with the partially torn down walls.  It allows you to sense what it will feel like when it is complete as one grand theater.

Things change - for good or for bad.  I'd say looking ahead people will walk through those doors with awe in their hearts and wonder in their eyes.



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