Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Superman Patch

Scheduled a head shot session with Joanie.  She'll be teaching yoga classes over at Studio 151 Fitness and wanted to sport a good photo so folks could get to know who she is.  We started with a couple of fresh looks.

Vibrant colors - beautiful smile - a confident woman.

When I went to get my gels to use with my backlight flashes I found where I had put my "Superman" patch.  I had been searching for it and couldn't for the life of me remember where I had placed it.

So, of course, Joanie being Joanie, she agreed to make a few portraits…..

I'm so blessed to have this woman as my sister in law.  We've had many an adventure throughout the past 30+ years.  And I can honestly say she is one of the people in my life that is beyond "super".  I have a feeling the Superman patch will stay in my lighting kit.  I'm thinking there will be a series here!

Her pups Mocha and Roxie had been patient throughout our shoot.  When it came time for their turn they gave mom some love and "kisses" to seal the session.




  1. This was so fun. The world should know that my family is blessed to have you in it! Thank you Karen.