Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Beautiful Women

I do believe every person is beautiful.  I am fortunate to have many beautiful women in my life.  My friend Deb is one of those women.  She likes joining me on "photo shoot" days.  We play grown up dress up and have fun making portraits.  But more importantly we talk...we laugh... we embrace who we are as women.    Indeed beautiful on every level.

The "one word" project's upcoming word is "ME".  I'm looking forward to photographing "me" present tense.  I had made myself a note a short while ago  ~   "Part of me would like to be young again but a bigger part of me loves where I am right now".  

It's a special feeling to share with a woman just how beautiful she is right here - right now.



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  1. Lovely work. First sentence in your comment is spot on.