Sunday, July 17, 2016

Do Not Pass

One Word Project - DOUBLE

The word double stumped me a bit ~ and heck I was the one that picked it!  I had a crude idea that involved bubble gum - but just couldn't get it locked down and also couldn't find a block of time to execute a photo.  So I apologized to Cathy for being "the delinquent" and headed off to Maine for a long birthday weekend celebration with friends.

I thought perhaps I will find something Down East that I could make work for "double".  Driving along The Loop Road in Bar Harbor I found what I was looking for
....and honestly so very much more.

This is a lovely drive.  I was up for sunrise and decided to stay along the shore path to photograph the sun peeking up over the ocean horizon.  Of course sunrise being at the ripe ol' time of minutes after 5 am I was solo in my venture.  Afterwards I hopped into my car and went exploring the area.  Hadn't been to Acadia National Park for probably 30 years so it was like being there for the first time. 
As I navigated and found "The Loop Road" I saw a deer along the side of the road.  I kept driving and he bounded back into the woods -- both of us going our separate ways after a mere glance.  

Further down the road I saw the image above.  That "double" yellow line and the curve of the road grabbed me and I pulled over and got my camera out of the trunk.  After the first click I noticed these two - a doe and her fawn coming out from the adjacent driveway.  We were less than 10 feet away from each other.  We looked at each other - we all paused -  then remarkably the doe and fawn just walked past me quite casually.  They heard my camera clicks but knew I was not there to do any harm.  It was like a conversation of sorts - quiet but knowing. 
An approaching car caught their attention and quickened their pace as they gently walked back into the woods.  


Upon seeing that first deer while I was driving I thought how nice it is to have that special feeling when you see another creature.  An admiration for another living being in this moment and place.

As I was packing my camera back up into my car - in the front seat this time -
-  hanging from the headrest...
I realized that "Do Not Pass" DOUBLE yellow line just created a memory that will last me a good long time.

"Do Not Pass" up the opportunity you are given in this lifetime.  Keep that simple double yellow line in the back of your head next time you want to pass something by.....

July 2016
Bar Harbor, ME



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