Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Thoughts from Maine ... How and Why We Hold

These photos were from our final day in Maine.  We talked quite a bit throughout our week about making a psychological portrait.  In other words something more than a "pretty" picture.  Building connection through the portrait - between photographer and subject.   To further connect our viewers that pass down the road.

I had the pleasure of working with two wonderful ladies on this final day.  Once again, their collaboration with me as their photographer was open and welcoming to any idea that I would bring to light.

Things happen fast.  You have a set amount of time with each model and pick and choose location and styling that you feel might create a connection.

As we talked briefly during our introductions E's strength and beauty came through to me right off. We found a row of trees that were interesting in texture and decided on that for our "location".  As we worked along we moved further down that row.  I took note of this branch and felt there could be something there for E.  This photo brings the combination of strength from her pose with the softness of curves.  Her gaze certainly brings the "chi" and allows that combination to meld wonderfully.

R is a dancer ~ a ballet dancer.  Her body and posture again possessing strength combined with poise.
We were making use of soft window light from the barn and when R picked up her ballet shoes and held them I saw a tenderness combined with firmness in that gesture.  After watching her doing spins and poses in these shoes I can attest to the fact that they are far from "tender" to her feet!   The wind billowing through her blouse and laces added the movement or "dance" if you will ~ while the hold added the "chi" I was looking for to create a story.

How do you hold?  
Where does your strength come from?
Thoughts give photos ~ photos give thoughts



Monday, August 29, 2016

A Morning with Max

I love the editorial component of my work.  It allows me to bring the visual part of a story to life through photographs.  Typically I'm out in the community photographing events with feature style imagery.  Today I got to go have a personal visit with young Max who is battling leukemia.  His diagnosis demanded a long stay down in Boston Children's Hospital earlier this year with his family by his side.  While he still has treatments and doctors visits ahead his prognosis is good.

Today he was all smiles as he welcomed us to sit on the couch with him and listen to his story.  

A sweet young boy recalling the tall buildings in Boston that he could see from his hospital room.

His best buddy "D" coming to visit him every week while he was in the hospital...along with so many other family members and friends.

Max shared a very special video made by the Laconia Fire Department in his honor.  Even though he has probably watched this video hundreds of times.  His delight was evident as he shared it with us during our visit.

Our community is a "helping hands" community.  Folks see a need and help out in any way they are able.  Our family has been the recipient of this generosity and care from our community.   I can relate to the Gagnon family when they express the feeling of being "overwhelmed" with all the love and support being given through Max's treatment.  I join along in wishing Max a speedy recovery with more happy days ahead.



Thursday, August 25, 2016

Auana Hula

Auana Hula  -  to wander; drift;  visual dance form

I think we all become more aware and reflective as we age through life.
I took this photo at a fair in Maine - to me it speaks to a freeing feeling through this young girls expression as well as the hula hoop she's playing with.  It's a pleasing, relatable photograph to most.

I also see it in a much deeper sense.  For me it represents our "circle of friends".  Those people we connect with on a deeper level than a passer by.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a caring circle of friends.  We laugh - we argue - we share - we respect - we love.  At the end of each day we know our circle will always stay connected and offer support when we need it most.

Feeling thankful....



Saturday, August 20, 2016

Seeing the Light of Day

seeing things for what they've always been
lightbulb moments



Friday, August 19, 2016


As I'm sorting through images from my workshop at Maine Media with Joyce Tenneson it allows me the time to process all that I've learned and shared within our group last week.  We hit the ground running on day one and kept up the pace throughout the weeklong workshop.  A delightful group of models and fellow students made for a perfect mix of creativity.

Joyce's portraiture is captivating and I highly recommend you check out her work.  Her teaching style has a purity to it that is freeing and had us focusing on creating portraits that were psychological and telling rather than just another "pretty picture".  Each of us delved into our own feelings and emotions and brought them forth through our images.

When I met Sojourner she was dressed in a lovely black vintage dress.  I mentioned that I also had a vintage dress in my car.  Her eyes lit up and welcomed the idea and soon after we were creating a story in this old car. 

Sojourner fell into the role adapting to our suggestions without pause.  There is such a trust within these workshops that I truly admire.  We meet briefly and within minutes started collaborating together combining our talents through the medium of photography.

 I believe this story will continue for Sojourner and myself.
I picked up a journal when I returned home.  Its titled "Creativity Takes Courage".  For me the "courage" is merely allowing yourself to follow your heart.  Knowing what is right and what is not - then making your choices accordingly.

tell-ing   adj    having a striking or revealing effect; significant



Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Some Things Just Fit



We Choose Our Road ....a continuation of thoughts from "a week in Maine"

We choose our road
and our paths cross

For every workshop that I've joined at Maine Media I was drawn in by the instructor and the content of the class.

Within each workshop I've met wonderful friends in the group sharing experiences that will take us all further down that road.

I was trying to explain this to a friend when I came back home.  There is a freedom when you are creating in a non competitive setting with like minded people.  A camaraderie forms as you work through tasks together and it heightens the learning process to a beautiful level.

Friendships made to grow



Saturday, August 13, 2016

Reflecting On a Week In Maine

Working our way down the Maine coast after wrapping up a week long workshop with Joyce Tenneson at Maine Media in Camden.  This marks my third year of attending workshops with MM and once again I'm coming home feeling full.   New ideas to spawn that spark of creativity through my work.

Pemaquid Point Light was going to be our stopping point on the trip north to Camden last weekend - but it just didn't work out on that day.  I do believe we made the right choice and today was our day.  During our visit the light was magic and the conversation and friendships - new and old - lead the way to stories reflecting on what we've learned and will bring along with us on the trip back home.



Friday, August 12, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Maine Morning

Out of a fog…

….into the shower



Friday, August 5, 2016

What's In the Cup

Half full ~ have empty.
They are both the same.
I've come to realize that's not what really matters.
You may see it differently.
Your perspective.
Neither right nor wrong.

In the end it's your perspective that determines which way you're going to feel ~ full or empty.

My son Tom had - what we hope to be - his final surgery from his accident back in April.  It's been a rough road through his recovery.  Not so much in the physical aspect but the emotional side as well.  Don't get me wrong he had his share of "physical" pain but as a mom watching my son go through the spectrum of emotional pain has been hard.  He's handled the "timeline" of his recovery extremely well over the past several months but this final surgery tested his strength bringing him to his weakest point.

This afternoon was his follow up appointment.  You could feel his nerves and tension as this recovery wasn't going as described and it was weighing him down.  They ended up draining 1/2 cup of fluid from his knee.  It was the culprit of most of the pain and you could feel his mood shift when he got home.  It's like he's been put back on track and focusing once again on his "timeline" ahead.

Perhaps we should be emptying out that cup once in a while to lighten our load and relieve the pressure.  Let it refill with what makes us feel better.



Making the Moments Special