Thursday, August 25, 2016

Auana Hula

Auana Hula  -  to wander; drift;  visual dance form

I think we all become more aware and reflective as we age through life.
I took this photo at a fair in Maine - to me it speaks to a freeing feeling through this young girls expression as well as the hula hoop she's playing with.  It's a pleasing, relatable photograph to most.

I also see it in a much deeper sense.  For me it represents our "circle of friends".  Those people we connect with on a deeper level than a passer by.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a caring circle of friends.  We laugh - we argue - we share - we respect - we love.  At the end of each day we know our circle will always stay connected and offer support when we need it most.

Feeling thankful....



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