Saturday, August 13, 2016

Reflecting On a Week In Maine

Working our way down the Maine coast after wrapping up a week long workshop with Joyce Tenneson at Maine Media in Camden.  This marks my third year of attending workshops with MM and once again I'm coming home feeling full.   New ideas to spawn that spark of creativity through my work.

Pemaquid Point Light was going to be our stopping point on the trip north to Camden last weekend - but it just didn't work out on that day.  I do believe we made the right choice and today was our day.  During our visit the light was magic and the conversation and friendships - new and old - lead the way to stories reflecting on what we've learned and will bring along with us on the trip back home.




  1. The light was just magical that day and you did such a beautiful job in crafting this photo! photo

  2. It was funny -- some folks were watching me and finally asked "what are taking a photo of....?" When I told them about the reflection in the pool it was a collective ":ahhhhh" They must have thought I was pretty odd ;)
    Fun day - fun adventures!