Friday, August 19, 2016


As I'm sorting through images from my workshop at Maine Media with Joyce Tenneson it allows me the time to process all that I've learned and shared within our group last week.  We hit the ground running on day one and kept up the pace throughout the weeklong workshop.  A delightful group of models and fellow students made for a perfect mix of creativity.

Joyce's portraiture is captivating and I highly recommend you check out her work.  Her teaching style has a purity to it that is freeing and had us focusing on creating portraits that were psychological and telling rather than just another "pretty picture".  Each of us delved into our own feelings and emotions and brought them forth through our images.

When I met Sojourner she was dressed in a lovely black vintage dress.  I mentioned that I also had a vintage dress in my car.  Her eyes lit up and welcomed the idea and soon after we were creating a story in this old car. 

Sojourner fell into the role adapting to our suggestions without pause.  There is such a trust within these workshops that I truly admire.  We meet briefly and within minutes started collaborating together combining our talents through the medium of photography.

 I believe this story will continue for Sojourner and myself.
I picked up a journal when I returned home.  Its titled "Creativity Takes Courage".  For me the "courage" is merely allowing yourself to follow your heart.  Knowing what is right and what is not - then making your choices accordingly.

tell-ing   adj    having a striking or revealing effect; significant



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