Monday, October 10, 2016

One Word ~ Grounded

One Word Project ~ Grounded

This one I brought back around an idea I hadn't used for our prior word - Soar.  It involved a ladder and so I got it into my head to try and see if I could make the ladder work for Grounded.  When I started to look for the old wooden ladder I realized it probably met its demise years ago.  An array of metal ladders weren't going to work for what I had in mind.  That was probably my first sign to abandon ship.  But not me - instead I decided to make one out of bamboo poles I had lying around.  The concept was to make my feet grounded to the roots with the rest of me reaching up climbing the ladder.  Even though I gave it a good college try it just didn't past muster for a final edit.  The roots were lost and I was climbing aimlessly....

So another day went by and I kept looking at those roots.  There was definitely something there and I wanted to make a photograph for what I was feeling.  This was a quick snap using a fish eye lens.  I was surprised that it kept the tree fairly straight without much distortion and eliminated the surrounding trees to give a clean separation of the tree top.  Also the size of the roots grew larger in a realistic way to my eye.  So now I was getting somewhere.....

But in true fashion for this project I needed something more.  Something new to try and learn from.
So I went inside and made a photograph of myself to place in that lower right triangle within the roots.  I used three flashes to illuminate my frame and hopefully make a realistic cut and paste to merge myself within the image.  It's not 100% perfect but I was much happier with this outcome that with my first attempt.

  I have learned from these past few years that staying grounded in my personal beliefs is pivotal for living, breathing and growing.



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