Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Special Honor

I had met Jim a short while after his dad's death in 1980 so I never had the chance to personally meet "Soc".  Over the past 36 years I feel like I know him well.  So many people have shared their stories of love for both Soc and Joyce in our community.  Whether I'm at the grocery store, or a sporting event or just out and about in town.  People enjoy sharing their stories from these two wonderful folks.  They gave much to their community of family and friends and even though both passed away at such a young age have maintained their place in so many peoples lives.

It's not always easy to wrangle this family up for a photo - but I managed to get most of them in this one.  Joanie, Bernie and Tom were already in the auditorium ahead of us.

A few words from Steve and Joanie at the podium in honor of their dad.  Stories of his sense of community and honor as well as a few "cigar" moments.

Many took the time to walk along the Hall of Fame to reflect on the names of those inducted this year as well as over the past years for their many contributions to the people of Laconia.

I would have to think that Soc is lighting up a cigar and sending along a humble "thank you" from above.



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