Saturday, November 12, 2016

Making Adjustments

A continuation of my series of personal work in the basement - Telling Stories.  I had built a set for "without" as part of our One Word project and could not get myself to take it down.  Instead I made some "adjustments" to build another room within this institution.  Things don't all fall neatly into place right away.  I'm finding this type of project works best when I allow the thoughts to come and go.  Funny thing is that I know when I've reached that point where it's time to make the image.  You could call it the "breaking point".  Fitting for this time around as the word was "BROKEN".

My imagination seems to be running wild within this theme.  So I'm going with it --- it's about what's in your gut creatively.  The fun lies in trying to construct that imagination into a single photograph ....or two in this case.

Some of them were easily broken....

                                .... not this gal though       
                                        she broke free!

Once again motivating the light to create mood.  Two strip soft boxes on the left and right triggered on camera.  Feathering the light on the props allowing the room to be the stage.   Small continuous lights placed in a couple of small dark spots in the corners to add dimension, a third inside the table lamp with a fourth hanging overhead to add a tiny pop of fill and mellow the shadows.

Lastly two continuous lights placed "outdoors" illuminating

 "the one that got away"

Additional details on the "set"
Everything is balanced from a backdrop stand.  V flats to form the walls.  Contact paper hanging from the cross bar for wallpaper.  An old photo frame hangs as the open window.  Props assembled in the room where she was put creates the space.



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